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All about us

If you are that curious then who are we not to fill you in? Get to know a little more about why, when and how came to be.

Who and what is We are a London based listing directory of independent escorts and agencies with the focus very much on bringing you the punter real and actual photos of the best escorts currently working in London. We think there is no better way for a London escort to show their beauty off to you then to take a selfie! The selfie camera never lies and you will see the 'real' girl, with a very current photo, as opposed to the heavily photoshopped version from a photo shoot years ago.

Selfie photos can be very sexy, indeed we would argue that they are more enticing than the traditional professional photo shoot pics which over time have all come to look very similar. 

With all that in mind, we came up with the idea for Allowing the girls to click and post their photo to us in seconds meaning they can update their photos with every new mood or look and not have to go through the time consuming and costly job of having a professional shoot done.

We hope that as punters you will appreciate the 'real' beauty of these girls and book in confidence knowing exactly what the girl of your choice is going to look like. No fake, photoshopped photos, no photo body alterations and no skin tone changes. Just the real McCoy with our listings of London Selfie escorts


No photo touch ups! No photo body alterations!
Just the real McCoy!

London's one and only listing site of selfie escorts
Selfie Escorts

There is something really sexy about a hot girl taking a selfie photo of herself. No professional lighting, no make up artist in the wings and certainly no touching up of the photos afterwards. Just the real McCoy! 

Come On Girls!

Grab yuor phone, take a selfie and list with us. It takes less than 2 minutes and your advert will appear on the number 1 listing site in London for escort selfies.
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