Tip on how to create your online escort profile

Tip on how to create your online escort profile

If you’ve made the decision to start escorting, whether independently or through an escort agency, you need to create your online profile because 99% of clients use the internet to find an escort they could hire. This gives them the opportunity to see what kind of services you’re offering and what you look like. We’ll go through several tips and tricks you can use to attract more potential clients and hence earn more money.

Create The Best Profile

Know Exactly What You’re Offering

First and foremost is deciding whether you want to offer sexual services or not. Not everyone is looking for sex when they’re looking for an escort, and not all escorts offer sexual services. Escorting isn’t all about sex even though it’s a fairly common idea of how escorting works. Escorts are people, both male and female, who offer their time in exchange for money.
There are a lot of people who aren’t lucky enough to find a dinner date or who have moved recently to a city where they don’t have any friends but want some companionship. These types of people are usually the ones who call escorts only to spend time with, without any physical contact whatsoever.

There are cute, young student London escorts who don’t want to offer sexual services but only their company in order to earn money for their education or rent. Then there are people who simply love sex and can’t have enough of it. These types of people enjoy earning extra money by doing what they love. And finally, there are girls who want to experiment when it comes to sex and gain experience.

If you don’t want to offer sexual services, then emphasize it right at the beginning of the profile in the description. If you have decided to offer sexual services, then you have to make a list of services you want or do not want to do.

To avoid any kind of misunderstanding with your potential clients, you need to be as specific as possible regarding what you’re willing to do and what is out of question. Before even creating your profile, write down all the things you want to offer and make a price list. If you think you skipped something, you can add it later on, but if you add something you’re not willing to do, that can cause a bit of a problem. If you advertise that you do anal, for example, but it’s actually something you don’t want to try, it can result in a negative client review which can destroy your reputation in seconds.

One more thing you should think about is whether you want to do incall, outcall, or both. Each has its positive and negative sides so take your time before you make your decision. If you offer outcalls, be prepared to go to public places where people can see you with all sorts of clients, from handsome, successful ones, to those who don’t fit that description. You can also choose to do outcalls in hotels or at your client’s accommodation. If you decide to do outcalls, you need to write about the travel costs and whether you’ll use Uber or any other transportation service.

When it comes to specific services, some clients may ask for a specific wardrobe, lingerie, or sex toys. You should emphasize exactly what you own and under what circumstances you’ll use these items.

Be As Honest As Possible When Writing Your Description

No matter if you just started escorting or you’re experienced in the field, you need to write down just how experienced you are. You wouldn’t want to trick your clients in thinking you’re experienced in something when you’re actually a beginner. They’ll notice it right away and leave you a bad review. Don’t be afraid of not being able to attract enough clients if you say you’re not experienced. There are more clients who are looking for inexperienced escorts than you could imagine! People who are hiring an escort for the first time are usually looking for escorts who just started working because it’s easier to go through the entire process with someone you can relate to.

You should describe yourself in a few sentences, what kind of person you are, your likes and dislikes, what you do or do not enjoy doing in bed, etc. The more detailed you are, the easier it will be for you because clients will know exactly what kind of escort you are and what they can expect from you. You should take all the time you need to fill out your profile completely and not just throw in a few pictures and a price list. This way, you’ll attract more quality clients you’ll get to see on a regular basis.

Make sure you check everything before posting your profile. People usually look for specific-looking escorts and search for white, black, Latina, or Asian escorts in London so if you want to be found more easily, make sure you’re listed in the right category.

Use Your Own Pictures With The Least Amount Of Touching Up

The pictures are one of the most important aspects of an escort profile. If you plan on doing things the right way, don’t post pictures you took by yourself, but rather invest in a professional photo shoot, with a professional photographer. Don’t overdo it with makeup and try to wear sexy, but quality lingerie. Even if you don’t have much money right away, you can still find pieces that are affordable but still look extremely elegant and classy. The more you work, the more you’ll have so you’ll be able to update your pictures with sexier and more high-end lingerie and accessories.

Never Negotiate These Things

Even though you completely filled out your escorts profile, potential clients will probably ask you to negotiate some of the terms you proposed in your profile. Some things can be negotiated, but some things you shouldn’t negotiate under any circumstances.

Money. The amount of money you charge for your services should be fixed and you shouldn’t agree to anything less than that. Make sure you point out which services are included and which aren’t, as well as how much extra money your clients need to pay for those services. You shouldn’t get in a situation where your client thought that some additional service was already included in your price. It can get really awkward, especially if the additional service costs a lot. Not only will you be in an uncomfortable situation, but your client will be uncomfortable as well.

Hygiene and protection. These things are probably the most important. If possible, try to offer shower facilities to your clients if you’re accepting incalls. Even if you go to a client’s place, insist on having a shower together so you’ll be absolutely positive that they’re clean before anything happens. A condom should also be mandatory so you should always have some with you in case your client forgets to bring some with them. Some clients purposely forget condoms and ask for bareback sex, but it’s something you should never accept. Condoms will protect you not only from unwanted pregnancy but from a wide variety of sexually transmitted diseases too.


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