How to take the perfect selfie

The complete guide to selfies and how they are changing the world

Selfies have become increasingly popular over recent years due to advances in technology and the rise of social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Selfie photography has allowed people to take control of how they are portrayed by taking pictures of themselves or small groups of friends. It can also help capture special moments and create unique memories. However, there are certain techniques which should be taken into consideration if you want your photos to look great! Here’s what you need to know about selfie photography.

A selfie, as we all know, is a picture of oneself, usually taken with a smartphone or webcam and often uploaded to social media. A selfie is essentially a digital self-portrait. Some people might take selfies to post on social media, but others might take them for art projects or to document their appearance or expression at any given one time or simply for fun when with friends. And though it could be argued that the first ever selfie was taken way back in 1839, it wasn’t until the 1990s that their popularity began to grow, a popularity that has now waned in the three decades since then.

These days, many people, especially teens but also people of all ages, take selfies in order to document their mood or expression at any given time or in a particular situation. It is a way for people to show others what they're feeling and thinking at that moment. Selfies are used to mark events with friends, to celebrate special occasions and to capture a romantic moment with a partner.

A selfie truly can paint a thousand words and has become an integral part of self expression for the young and old alike.

Strike a pose

History of the selfie movement

The first selfie is attributed to Robert Cornelius and was created and photographed in 1839. The photo is called the first ever self-portrait, and he captured it using the first publicly available and unimaginably laborious photographic process called Daguerreotype with the use of polished sheets of silver-plated copper treated with fumes which made its surface light sensitive.

The photo Robert Cornelius may not have been the first ever recorded photograph, that prize most agree goes to a photo taken in 1826 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce and titled “View from the Window at Le Gra”, but it could very well be argued that the photo Cornelius took of himself on that day in Pennsylvania almost 200 years ago was the first ever recorded selfie photo.

Selfies have changed beyond recognition since those days as has society in general. Almost all of us these days carry around a smartphone with us all day. With powerful built-in cameras that do away with the need for polished sheets of silver-plated copper or exposure times of 30 minutes or more, we can take a high quality, instant selfie with the click of a button. With one more click of a virtual on-screen button we can also publish our selfie to the world using social media and other sharing apps. This ease of use and the ability to share your feelings, thoughts and a moment in your life with a quick and simple selfie has made it a phenomenon of the modern times that seems to just go from strength to strength.

What are the Best Tips for Taking Effective Selfies?

Just as in any form of photograph some basic rules can render much better results. Cameras these days are equipped with a lot of built-in technology. For starters, the camera's sensor captures more light than ever before. This results in clearer photos that are free of graininess and fuzziness. There are also countless modes and settings available on most cameras these days that help take the guesswork out of getting the perfect shot. However, there are still some tips and tricks you can utilise to get the most awesome selfies.

  • Lighting is key

  • Good lighting is the basis of almost all good photographs. Get that right and you are already well on your way to taking a great pic. And natural light trumps all other forms of lighting, so consider that when taking your selfie. Stand by a window or open door or even better take your selfie outside in natural light. If that’s not possible you could try holding a white sheet of paper under your chin, out of view, which would go some way to reflecting light onto your face.

  • Get the angles right

  • Those who take and post selfies on a daily basis as part of their work or lifestyle (think Kim Kardashian and the likes) have perfected the art of selfies getting great results every time. Their advice being you should always keep your chin down and the camera up. Try different angles to see what works best and try not to look directly into the lens. Slightly avert your eyes to the side to make for a much more interesting and captivating selfie. Make sure you tilt your head slightly in different directions between each picture to get a wider variety of angles!

  • BE trigger happy!

  • The photos we take are instant and cost next to nothing to take (the cost of the battery charge used only) so take a ton! Try different lighting, angles and facial expressions until you snap that perfect selfie! You may be surprised to learn that can sometimes mean as many as a hundred shots for some bloggers or social media influencers before they get that perfect one!

  • Apply the right filters

  • Applying one of the myriad of built in or downloadable filters available these days is the perfect way to finish off your selfie. With filters to suit every mood or occasion you can jazz up your final output with the touch of a button. There are even teeth whitening filters for those who haven’t visited their hygienist in some time! The key is not to overdo things or make the photo look overly touched up. Keep it subtle and natural for the perfect selfie.

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