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Sexy girl in a bikini taking a selfie

The Camera Never Lies

They used to say the camera never lies, but with the advent of photoshop and other image touch up software that adage is surely no longer true, till it comes to selfie photos of course!

Click and Touch Up

We've all heard about the backlash against the fashion industry a few years back when cover photos were being so doctored and touched up that the sense of any reality was being lost. This warped perception of how women should look no doubt caused untold suffering to young women who aspired to look like the cover models, realistically an unreachable goal which left them feeling worst about themselves than they already may have. There was a big uproar and it appeared at least to have had some effect with a number of fashion magazines toning down the touch ups and body alterations and opting for a more natural look. 

Alas, the same can't really be said of the escort industry. Look around the internet and you won't be surprised to find that a high number of escort photos are touched up to within an inch of their lives. We are not just talking skin tone changes but rather whole nip and tucks and the magical disappearance of any blemishes, marks and even tattoos. As punters we came to expect and eventually accept this as being the norm. The girl in the photo could look very different to the girl that shows up to your hotel room, even if it is the same girl! Face structures change, skin tones are not the same and you may even be forgiven for thinking the escort has put on a few pounds since taking her professional photo shoot, though that would be the magic of the software at play rather than any low carb diet! 

Times are a changing

Increasingly serious and serial punters are now leaning more towards girls and agencies that instil trust in them by providing untouched photos of themselves or their girls. This trend is only to be expected and on the increase. The good news is, if you are a genuine London escort, being able to market yourself using selfies is a no brainer. No more expensive photo shoots which need to be repeated every few months or every time you change your look or hair colour. With selfies you can capture your mood and look there and then and have that posted up within a few hours. The other serious benefit is of course the increased leads as punters see the real you and can book in confidence. Here's a little secret; us guys prefer our girls natural, un-photoshoped, blemishes and all!

Grab your phone and sign up

Take the plunge and ditch the expensive photo shoots! A little make-up, a clean classy and uncluttered background and a pretty dress or some sexy lingerie on and you are ready to click away. Once you have the perfect shot simply submit your photo and details to us and become part of the revolution that is Selfie Escorts.

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No photo touch ups! No photo body alterations!
Just the real McCoy!

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Selfie Escorts

There is something really sexy about a hot girl taking a selfie photo of herself. No professional lighting, no make up artist in the wings and certainly no touching up of the photos afterwards. Just the real McCoy! 

Come On Girls!

Grab your phone, take a selfie and list with us. It takes less than 2 minutes and your advert will appear on the number 1 listing site in London for escort selfies.
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